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Firenze Card

Firenze Card is an initiative promoted by the Comune di Firenze (Municipality of Florence) and other istitutional bodies. It grants admission to many museums, villas and gardens in the city of Florence.

The Firenze Card lasts 72 hours and costs 85 euros (price of 2023). You can extend that time limit by activating Firenzecard Restart (you need a smarthphone).

Firenzecard includes in its price the ticket for entrance, the ticket for exhibition and the reservation for all the museums of the Firenzecard Circuit, the free downloadable Firenzecard app for Android and iOS. With Firenzecard you have the priority access in all the museums of the Circuit. Entrance is free of charge for people under 18 years old, part of the family of the card holder.

Free public transport (bus and tram) was in the past included in the Firenze Card, then later was being offered only with the FirenzeCard+, a complimentary card valid only matched with a FirenzeCard. As of 2023, there is no more this option.

For the complete details, visit Firenze Card official site.

This page was last updated on Wednesday 20 September 2023.