Il Visciolo

Holiday Rental Il Visciolo - 2BR self catering cottage, Internet WiFi, walk to shops, car not required.

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How to get to San Casciano in Val di Pesa

San Casciano in Val di Pesa is connected to Florence and Siena by a free toll (until this time) dual carriageway named Raccordo Autostradale RA03, also called superstrada Firenze-Siena or autopalio by locals. It connects Siena to the entrance of Autostrada A1, a toll motorway connecting Milan to Naples going through the cities of Florence, Bologna and Rome.

If you want to get in the village, you can choose among:

If you get to Italy by airplane here are the instructions coming:

If you come by train, as there is no train station in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, you will probably arrive in the nearest one, which is Florence's Firenze Santa Maria Novella and then get a coach to San Casciano. The distance from San Casciano to Firenze SMN is 18Km, about 30-35 min by car, about the same time by SITA coach.

If you have someone waiting for you at the train station, or you want to leave a car near it, you can also choose other railway stations as it's easier (and cheaper) to park nearby or because they are nearer to motorways. You have to consider that car traffic inside the centre of Florence can be very chaotic, expecially when it rains and people cannot use scooters or bicycles.
Other close railway stations are Firenze Campo di Marte (22 Km, 30 min), Firenze Rifredi (29 Km, 35 min), Empoli (24 Km, 35 min).

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