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Holiday Rental Il Visciolo - 2BR self catering cottage, Internet WiFi, walk to shops, car not required.

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Tourism tax

According to the City Council resolution n. 16 of 05/03/2012, from 2012 the City of San Casciano in Val di Pesa has introduced a tourism tax (imposta di soggiorno), applied to non-residents staying overnight. This tax is applied for a limited number of seven consecutive nights for all the categories of the accommodation. The amount per night depends on the category.

The referred category is the official one of the structure
CategoryAmount per personapplied for this number of nights
Agriturismo, case vacanze (holiday houses), locazioni a fini turistici (tourism self catering rentals), hostels, affittacamere€ 27
Residence 2 e 3 keys€ 1.007
Residence 4 keys€ 2.007
Residenze d'epoca (historical residences)€ 37
1 star hotels€ 0.504
2 stars hotels€ 1.004
3 stars hotels€ 1.504
4 stars hotels€ 34
5 stars hotels€ 4.004
Campings€ 1.004
Affittacamere professionali e non (bed & breakfast and guest houses)€ 1.004

As an example: if two people stay in an Agriturismo for fourteen nights, only the first seven nights are taxed (2 people x 2 euro x 7 nights = 28 euro)

The tax is usually collected by the owner or the manager of the accommodation at your arrival. Then the owner will pay it on your behalf to the municipality of San Casciano.

The tax proceeds shall be used to finance interventions in the field of tourism, maintenance, use and recovery of cultural and environmental heritage, as well as local public services.

The tourism tax is not applied to:

  • children (up to 14 years old);
  • patients waiting for admittance to hospitals and health centres located within the municipal administrative areas (including people about to be day hospital patients) or people who provide assistance to patients staying in hospitals and health centres located within the municipal administrative area (max one person for each patient);
  • a guide and a coach driver for any group of 20 people;
  • disabled people with special needs, including a companion;
  • employees of companies that have an agreement with this accommodation facility.

For more information you can refer to the official site of the municipality (in Italian).

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