Il Visciolo

Holiday Rental Il Visciolo - 2BR self catering cottage, Internet WiFi, walk to shops, car not required.

E se qui ci fosse la tua attività?

questo spazio è a tua disposizione, contattaci per informazioni.

Where to eat: Restaurants, Trattorie and Pizzerias

Restaurants, Trattorie and Pizzerie in San Casciano village and other localities in its municipality. Località means a very small clump of houses, not all the maps report them but road signs do.

Dining hours in Italy can be different from your country, restaurants serve meals 12:00–14:00 and 19:30–22:00. If a restaurant serves meals out of this range, for example at 18:00, its target are foreign tourists (that quite often means less quality). Those touristy restaurants are mostly only in the centre of cities crowded with tourist like Florence, Siena and Pisa.

Ristorante Nello
Via IV Novembre 66, San Casciano VP
Tel 055 820 163 - web site

Cinque di vino
opened from Tuesday evening to Sunday evening
Viale S. Francesco 32, San Casciano in Val di Pesa
Tel. 055 822 8116 - web site

Osteria Il Gatto Re
closed on Mondays
Via Machiavelli 34, San Casciano V.P.
tel. and fax 055 822 8405

Trattoria Cantinetta del nonno
closed on Wednesdays
Via IV Novembre 18, San Casciano in Val di Pesa
055 820 570 - web site

Pizzeria Lo Scacciapensieri
Via Borromeo 64, San Casciano in Val di Pesa
055 820 289

Antica Fiaschetteria del Chianti (snacks, wines at lunch and dinner)
Closed on Thursday
p.zza Pierozzi 24, San Casciano in Val di Pesa
Tel./fax 055 820 314 - web site

Pizzeria Sotto Casa
closed Tuesdays
Via Morrocchesi 4, San Casciano in Val di Pesa
Tel. 055 829 4641

Pizzeria ARCI
opened from Friday to Sunday, dinner only
Via dei Fossi 36, San Casciano
Tel. 055 820 779 - web site

Trattoria di Sor Paolo
closed on Mondays only from October to May.
via Cassia per Firenze 40, San Casciano in Val di Pesa
Tel. 055 828 402 - web site

Il Gallo Giallo
closed on Tuesdays
Via Grevigiana 50/a
Tel. 055 829 0252 - web site

Il Mulinaccio
closed on Mondays
Via Cassia per Firenze 38, località  Falciani
tel. 055 82 09 77 – fax 055 82 29 788 - web site

Trattoria la Baracchina
closed on Mondays
Via degli Scopeti 199, Località  Sant'Andrea in Percussina
Tel/fax 055 822 9600 - web site

Trattoria del Pesce
closed on Wednesdays
Via Cassia per Siena 124 - località  Bargino
Tel. 055 824 9045 - web site

Trattoria da Bule
closed on Sundays, reservation recommended
Via Cassia per Siena 90/I, località  Bargino
Tel. 055 8249489 - web site

closed on Mondays
Via Certaldese 16, San Pancrazio
Tel. 055 824 8254 - 055 820 068 - web site

Ristorante Pizzeria La Botte
opened at dinner, reservation requested for lunch, closed on Tuesday
Via Borromeo 154, località  Calzaiolo
Tel. 055 824 9029 - Fax. 055 824 2935

Trattoria Mamma Rosa
closed on Wednesdays and at dinner on Sundays
Via Cassia per Siena 32, località Calzaiolo
Tel. 055 824 9454 - web site

Trattoria Il Gabbiano
closed on Fridays
via Chiantigiana sulla Greve 4, Mercatale in Val di Pesa
Tel./fax 055 821 127

Ristorante Il Cavaliere
closed on Mondays and for lunch on Tuesdays
Via Gabbiano 12, Mercatale in Val di Pesa
Tel. 055 821 8423 - web site

Acino Rosso
closed on Mondays
Via di Gabbiano 34, Mercatale Val di Pesa
Tel. 055 8219148

A Casa Mia
closed Mondays and Tuesdays
Via S.Maria Macerata 4, Montefiridolfi
tel. 055 824 4392

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