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Getting to San Casciano by coach/bus

There are many urban-suburban bus lines connecting Florence to various towns and villages of its province. Since 1st November 2021 the line to and from San Casciano in Val di Pesa is served by Autolinee Toscane, no more by Busitalia/Autolinee Chianti Valdarno intercity coaches.
As old names can coexist in some places, here is a bit of history: at the end of 2012 the regional coach SITA company changed name into Busitalia, subsequently in 2021 all the regional wheel public transport services were merged into Autolinee Toscane but common people still refer to the coach service as "Sita" (pron.: see-tah). White and green or blue coaches are part of the same extra-urban service.

If you are coming from Siena, southern Tuscany or Umbria, you will probably find more convenient to change coach in Poggibonsi (Siena to Poggibonsi Stazione, then from there to San Casciano taking the line for Florence).

From Florence centre

In Florence, starting from 1st August 2022 the Autolinee Toscane coach terminal for lines to and from San Casciano (and also Greve, Poggibonsi e Castelfiorentino) is no more located in "Via Santa Caterina da Siena" (85 metres far from the central railway station Firenze Santa Maria Novella). The new terminal is located in Piazza Vittorio Veneto which is more distant from the railway station. Passengers with an extra-urban ticket or season ticket on the lines concerned are able to use the tramway only for the route necessary to reach the Santa Maria Novella station. From Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the suburban ticket or season ticket allows you to travel on the T1 tramway line Leopolda-Alamanni tramway and vice versa. Be careful, you cannot reach other tram stops but only the specific trait Porta al Prato Leopolda<->Alamanni. In the hub at Piazza Vittorio Veneto there is an assistance and information point where passengers, in addition to being able to request and receive details on the lines and inter-modality, are able to purchase travel tickets.

The departure and arrival terminal in San Casciano is just below Viale Corsini (locate on map), you have to take a lift or stairs to go up to the village. There are other bus stops in San Casciano before the final one, so you have to ask your local contact which one is the nearest to your accommodation.


You can check the official website When using Travel Planner on the official web site, the terminal of San Casciano is called "SAN CASCIANO Autostazione, San Casciano in Val di Pesa" and the terminal in Florence is "TERMINAL VITTORIO VENETO, Firenze".

  • Line 368 A: Bardella, San Fabiano, Mercatale, Montefiridolfi, San Casciano, Firenze
  • Line 370 A: Poggibonsi, Barberino V.E., Tavarnelle, San Casciano, Firenze
  • Line 367: Greve in Chianti, Impruneta, San Casciano
  • Line 371 A: San Casciano, Scandicci, Firenze.

For more connections, for example lines connecting Cerbaia, please consult the official AT web site. Please note that the timetable may undergo changes or delays, always check the official Autolinee Toscane web site for route changes or ask for confirmation at the information offices in Piazza Vittorio Veneto and Via Caterina da Siena


Autolinee Toscane tickets are sold in some shops and bar in San Casciano and Florence and using the TABNET app (you'll need a credit card) or the new official app AT BUS. Tickets can also be purchased on board (paying cash, exact fare is advised as the bus drivers could not give change), but will cost much more (7 euros as of August 2023) and the driver can refuse to sell them. Sales on board are discouraged. So make sure you have bought the tickets before getting on the coach. You can't buy them on board if you are getting the bus from a station where tickets are sold.

There are no vending machines or ticket office in the Autostazione of San Casciano.

Tickets are based on kilometres, so when you buy them remember to specify "from Florence to San Casciano in Val di Pesa", the price starting from August 2023 for a trip Florence-San Casciano is €3.90 (it was 2.80 Euro until 2021), or less depending on where you get on and off. Regarding single tickets, they are valid for the trip with the origin and destination printed on them. While the four-ride tickets are valid for both directions.
A weekly ticket San Casciano to Florence costs 13.20 euro.

Tariff Province of Florence - Autolinee Toscane (valid from 1st August 2023)
Km (from - to)Single ticketfour-ride ticketWeekly passMontly pass
0-10Km€ 1.70€ 6.00€ 14.70€ 36
10.1-20Km€ 2.90€ 10.40€ 19.00€ 40
20.1-30Km€ 3.90€ 13.20€ 24.00€ 46
30.1-40Km€ 5.00€ 15.90€ 28.60€ 52

The mileage is calculated as the distance between the two positions of the main reference to which are associated with the place of origin and destination of the route. For routes longer than 40 Km, not applied on San Casciano, please refer the official web site.

  • single ticket: valid only for a run;
  • weekly pass: valid for 7 days from Monday to Sunday;
  • monthly pass: valid every day from 1 to 31 of the calendar month;
  • Longer passes: it's available also a 3-month pass and a yearly pass

You must stamp the ticket as soon as you get into the coach. If you purchase it on board, you must stamp it as well.

San Casciano shops where you can buy Autolinee Toscane tickets
closed onnameaddressbusiness hours
sunday Tabaccheria Via Roma 62 06:45-13:00; 14:45-20:00
sunday tobacconist's Valentina & Francesca Via Macchiavelli 33 07.00 - 13.15; 15.30 - 20.15
sunday tobacconist's Simona Merlini Borgo Sarchiani 26 07:00-20:00

In the city of Florence the Autolinee Toscane tickets can be bought in several places, usually the bar or tobacconist closest to a bus stops sells them (they should have a Biglietti Autolinee Toscane sticker on the door).

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